UGR Point Partner Opportunity – WW'S  War Cry


United Greyhound Racing is exctied to give greyhound enthuasists the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic young greyhound. United Greyhound Racing had been in negotiations to purchase half interest in this greyhound before her talent was shared nationally. We feel truely blessed that we were able to work out a deal that is fair and should provide an excellent opportunity for newbies and experienced greyhound enthuasists. 


Below is an article written by bestbetjax Director of Simulcast & Racing Standards, Kelly Clark.


Here are the remarkable lines of WW's War Cry.




Terms and Conditions:

•In order to participate in the United Point Partners program, you must be a United Greyhound Racing Advocate member ($25) or higher.


•Points in this pup will be offered at $1500 for 10 points, $750 for 5 points or $375 for 2.5 points. No Point Partner can represent more than 20 points.


•Each Point Partner will have a signed United Point Partner Revenue License Agreement denoting their participation in the program.


•Commission back-up and payments will be sent at the completion of the month to each owner by the tenth (10th) business day of the month for the prior month.


•Point Partners will not retain any breeding rights once your racer has completed its racing career.


•All points must be sold to participate in this offering.


If you have any questions or have interest in participating, please contact Erik Koltz at