Race Card Selection 2016 BetAmerica Daytona 550 Night


An informative guide to betting the Bet America Daytona 550 race card. We will use a maximum of $30 for each race as an example. We will also give a grade for each race based on the quality of betting opportunities and perceived value. The higher the grade, the better we see the ROI.


Race 1 Grade M: 

Hiway Onyx schooled in with decent competition and is quickest to the turn. Smokey Guy is boxed well and has some late foot. Lk's Whitmore and Wiki Flynn Baby both get tough draws but should be considered.


Wagering Quality this race: C-

Maiden races are notoriously bad races to handicap as unseasoned runners can be unpredictable.

$2 Quinella 7 / 4,5,8 ($6)

$1 Trifecta Box 4,5,7,8 ($24)


Race 2 Grade B:

Js Quick Draw has the back class and is one of Daytona's quickest to the turn. Oaks Black Fox is dropping but was competitive at the top level. Jwp Ashley is better than her last three. Longshot Turbo Gold Dream loves the rail.


Wagering Quality this race: B

-Looks easy on paper but expect short returns.

$7 Exacta Box 4,6 ($14)

$2 Trifecta  4,6 / 3,4,6 / 1,3,4,6 ($16)


Race 3 Grade A:

Senator Hukill has been solid since the layoff but will offer little value. Ps Hold On, Hallo Kiele and Cool Beans are all capable. Ps Hold On may hold a slight advantage with post position and early speed and is also showing great form.


Betting Quality this race: A+

-Great group of evenly matched runners, should get value on whoever you like outside of the favorite.

$3 Exacta Box 1,3,5 ($18)

$1 Twin-Tri  1,5 / 1,3,5 / 1,3,5,7,8 ($12)


Race 4 Grade C:

​Jack's Tigress may be the fastest but will avoid traffic issues to a win candidate. Kay Bet To Place drops in grade and should get the wakeup call. Brooksie's Charm enters off the double drop angle but is she simply off form?


Betting Quality this race: C

- A hard to figure affair but there should be plenty of value and any outcome should deliver healthy prices. One way to bet is to find one you like and then key that one with plenty of coverage.

$5 WPS 5 ($15)

$5 Quinella Box 2,4,5 ($15)


Race 5 Grade D:

Jam Purple Haze has the edge on the double drop to the bottom level. Pg Later Gator is a hot young pup with talent. Illtakemychances should be given a chance and Turbo Fast Dale could light up the exotics if used underneath.


Betting Quality this Race: B-

-Clear standouts will prove to be a chalk walk.

$10 Exacta 4 / 7  ($10)

$0.50 Superfecta 4,7 / 4, 7 / 1,3,5 / All ($15)

Twin-Tri Exchange 4-7-3


Race 6 Grade B:

Cals Lotsa Bling in for the rare drop to grade B, has long been a top performer at DBKC. Kiowa Mj Tam likes the outside, post isn't ideal but she’s a contender. Imark Phillis is a consistent competitor.


Betting Quality this Race: A-

-Great betting race especially if Lotsa Bling isn't up to the task. Play for keeps or swing for the fences, any angle is acceptable here.

$1 Trifecta 3 / 1,2,4,6 ($12)

$0.10 Superfecta BOX 1,2,3,4,6 ($12)


Race 7 Grade C:

Quick Shot should continue to turn heads, exciting late closing style. Imark Pink loves to win and place. Grade dropper Dani Ocean draws a tough box and don't count out longshot Valor's Phoenix.


Betting Value this Race: A-

-Quick Shot is still a pup so the chance of her not hitting the board are higher than expected. if she doesn't land in top three there will be fireworks on the toteboard.

$1 Exacta Box 2,4,7 ($6)

$1 Trifecta 2,4 / 2,4,7 / ALL ($24)


Race 8 Grade A:

-Will try to look for a long shot in this one and GS George has some late kick. First turn pile up and benefit? Kl's Garth has been in the zone this month and As A Time Of Day is one of Daytona's best.


Betting Value this Race: A+

-I fully expect fireworks with two favorites drawing the tough middle boxes but it’s still hard to not use them

$1 Exacta Box 2,3,4,5 ($18)

$0.10 Superfecta 2 / 3,4,5 / 3,4,5,8 / ALL ($4.50)

$0.10 Superfecta 3,4,5 / ALL / 3,4,5,8 / 3,4,5,8 ($9)

DNC Tri-Super this race


Race 9 Grade B:

Expecting a bounce back effort from Bs Tuker, who's shown some talent at times. Pat C Icarus is quickly climbing the ladder since her arrival from Orange Park but gets a class check tonight. Tomco Sandra Lee and Atascocita Elash love to hit the board and Rebel Raider has the back class and will be there late.


Betting Value this Race: A+

-Tuker should be a little chilly on the board with the likes of Raider and Elash in here. Left #2 Ross Lynch but he should be considered in a race devoid of early speed (outside of Sandra Lee) but couldn’t fit him on the ticket.

$2 Quin 1 / 3,4,7 ($6)

$1 Tri 1 / 3,4,7,8 ($12)

$1 Super 1 / 4,7 / 4,7,8 / 3,4,6,7,8 ($12)


Race 10 Grade S: BetAmerica Daytona550

Breakdown can be found HERE


Race 11 Grade D:

Hs Honey Suckle is the main threat if she gets loose but that's a big if.  Affordability is good when he's on his game. Ella Sue Uhl could be the speed of the race, forgive her last, it was against the hot young upstart Quick Shot. Equal Effort has shown some good form. Kay Bosh should be in the hunt as well.


Betting Quality this Race: D

-Not many in here seem to want to win. Obvious race choice to follow up the National Championship as many will still be reliving that moment. Tough endorse much of anything.

$2 Quinella Box 1,3,4,7 ($12)

$1 Trifecta 1,3 / 1,3,6,7 / 4 ($6)



Race 12 Grade A:

Ww's Baby Doll is the hottest dog based at DBKC. She's beaten everyone in here, time and time again except for the #2. Hard to play against, even at a short price. Kay Wren and Abs Almighty are still adjusting to the 660 course and have the most upside. James Develin has a strong upset chance. Lazy K Hero Gal likes the 1 hole and a familiar foe of Baby Doll but rarely gets the best of her.


Betting Quality this Race: B-

-Can't blame those who try and beat Baby Doll but if a tall task as she shoots for six in a row tonight. 

$0.50 Superfecta 8 / 1,6, / 1,3,4,5,6 / 1,3,4,5,6 ($12)

$0.50 Superfecta 1 / 6,8 / 4,6,8 / 3,4,5,6,8 ($6)

$0.50 Superfecta 1,8 / 1,8 / 4,6 / 3,4,5,6 ($6)



Race 13 Grade D:

Young pup Ww Jenna Marbles may be fastest of this crew. Wild Lucky Charm and Toys For Tots have some back class. Go Bon Lockedup should continue to find this surface kinder to her style than that of the deeper late speed favoring Sarasota surface. Hard to ignore Zipn Spader's sectional times. Lillys Rhythm is eligible to improve and has an interesting outside chance showed promise early on at Palm Beach but those race lines are buried deep.


Betting Quality this Race: D

- Not much to get excited about. But these are the types of races where anything can happen and huge payouts set off the fire alarms.

$3 Quinella 5 / 2,4,8 ($9)



Race 14 Grade C:

By Rakin N Gold was impressive in Daytona debut. Boc's Sneak N By took his time to get to grade C but may be better than what that suggests.  Colt Deleon is a double drop but isn't showing much of late. Mohican Ice Way is good enough to hit the board. Ww's Sweetestday may be the class of the race but rarely runs a good one from the rail.


Betting Quality this Race: D+

-Nightcap offers an evenly matched group but many in here seem to be without good form making choosing the contenders from pretenders difficult.

$ 3 Exacta Box 1,2,7 ($18)