United Greyhound Racing Greyhound Pet of the Year Contest

Plano, Texas – In conjunction with the BetAmerica Daytona550, United Greyhound Racing is announcing a “Greyhound Pet of the Year” photo contest.


Aimed at raising awareness of what wonderful companions a greyhound makes once their racing careers are over, the contest starts December 28, 2014 through January 16, 2015. The winner of the contest will have $500 donated to the adoptive agency that placed your greyhound.


“Greyhounds truly make great pets,” said Rory S. Goreé, Director of Welfare & Advocacy for United Greyhound Racing. “I can unequivocally state that the one constant that has remained is the personality of the greyhound. The greyhound is an extremely docile breed and the desirability of retired racing greyhounds as pets can be attributed to the care and attention they receive from the greyhound racing community. If you are considering adding a pet to the family, consider a greyhound.”


The winner will receive a donation of $500 courtesy of Commissioner Consulting Inc. to support their local greyhound adoption program.


                Following are the contest rules:


On January 19, 2015, judges will select photos from the top ten "Like"-getters. The winner will be chosen by the United Greyhound Racing Board of Directors and chosen on creativity and originality.


About United Greyhound Racing

United Greyhound Racing is a 501(c) 4 non-profit organization who seeks to reenergize the sport of greyhound racing by leveraging technology, promoting safety and adoption awareness and organize all facets of the industry to support our livelihood while preserving the greyhound breed, the greyhound industry and to further its growth in the United States through its membership. You can learn more about United Greyhound Racing at www.unitedgreyhoundracing.com.