Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors or any Membership Committee appointed by the Board of Directors to approve candidate members. In the event membership is declined, any application fee and dues payment will be returned.


Members understand that United Greyhound Racing (UGR) is a voluntary not for profit association and in the event of any dispute between a Member and UGR, membership may be terminated and Member agrees to accept as liquidated damages for any claim they may hold against UGR, its directors and employees, the return of all sums paid the UGR [in the twelve months prior to membership termination. No other recourse is available and Member accepts this liquidated damage provision as final given the uncertainty of any claim .


Members agree that any dispute with another member arising out of or incidental to greyhound ownership and racing shall be resolved by alternative dispute resolution. In the event of a dispute among members, UGR shall appoint a third party to mediate the dispute with the costs being shared equally by the participants[ . In the event such dispute cannot be resolved by mediation, it shall be submitted to arbitration with the decision of the arbitrator being final adjudication. UGR members shall use the alternative dispute program as provided by the National Greyhound Association and if not available, shall use the SMU Conflict Resolution Center, 5228 Tennyson Parkway, Bldg 3, Suite 213, Plano TX 75024, telephone 972-473-3486. All parties shall be responsible for payment of their costs of participating in the resolution program and such costs may be recovered as damages in any arbitration. The award of the arbitrator may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction and may be enforced by any authority held by UGR.