Working For U


United will give a voice to greyhound owners. United will define a standard for safe tracks and conditions for greyhounds. United will work with track operators and kennel owners to improve racing opportunities and flexibility in track assignments during a greyhound's career. United will establish standard forms for equitable syndication opportunities for owners and breeders. United will establish standards for communicating key career information about each greyhound including health status, track assignments and movements. We will establish best practices for greyhound transport so that movement of a racing greyhound is reported to all parties] and transport is  safe and efficient. Finally, the tranporter will have assurance that the transport fee will be paid in a timely manner. There will be a fair, efficient and economical form of dispute resolution for United members. United will produce results for greyhound owners.


United membership will work to protect the integrity of greyhound racing. Reports of actions taken by anti-racing organizations will result in immediate response by United. United will be proactive in media relations. United will recognize excellence in reporters who report fully and truthfully on greyhound racing. We will challenge those who regurgitate the disingenuous campaigns of our opponents. United will use social media and reach out to traditional journalists to communicate the truth about the care and conditioning racing greyhounds receive. 


United will work to develop a direct relationship between greyhound owners and adoption groups. United will develop standards for assessing the commitment of adoption groupsand transporters to insuring the racing greyhound has a happy and healthy retirement when their racing days end, and will help owners forge relationships with these groups. 

United will reach out to the greater greyhound community including those who course and club race greyhounds. United will help interested members to participate in building the future of racing greyhounds through syndicate membership. 


United is committed to working with the National Greyhound Association and State greyhound associations to build our common interest. United will pursue a relationship with other associations to further the interests of the racing and retired greyhound.


As member of United you will be joining people committed to improving the life of the greyhound, the future of the breed, and the future of racing. We look forward to each member bringing others to United and giving volume to our voice.