1. All members of UGR agree to put the interest of the racing greyhound first. Members may not participate in any activity detrimental or harmful to greyhound welfare. Members shall adhere to and respect all laws and regulations relating to the welfare of greyhounds. Any charge related to violation of such laws or regulations will result in suspension of membership pending review of membership by the United Greyhound Racing Board of Directors.

2. All members agree to preserve the health of the racing greyhound and to retire healthy greyhounds to breed, become pets or be placed with recognized adoption groups and to maintain a record of all such action.

3. Members agree to unite for the common good of greyhound racing and to maintain a united front in dealing with third parties for the good of all members and their greyhounds.

4. Members shall, whenever possible, unite to support the programs and initiatives of United Greyhound Racing.

5. Members shall treat fellow members with respect and courtesy and recognize that United we can achieve more than as individuals.

Failure to abide by the Member Code of Honor will result in termination of membership.