Rory Goreé

Rory Goreé discovered greyhounds in 1993, shortly after being honorably
discharged from the United States Navy after 10 years of service. His first
adopted greyhound, a brindle female named Anna Marie, was the perfect pet.


With Anna at his side, Rory began volunteering with Greyhound Pets of
America-California. A year later he adopted his second greyhound, Christy
and the following year moved from San Diego to Arizona. Once in the Phoenix
area, Rory formed a sub-chapter of GPA-CA called GPA-Phoenix. Under Rory's
leadership, GPA-Phoenix became independent and formed Greyhound Rescue
Adoption Team (GREAT). After watching GREAT's success, Greyhound Pets of
America-Arizona called about a merger and Rory successfully merged GREAT
into GPA-AZ. 


In late 90’s Rory was elected Vice President of Greyhound Pets of
America-National and shortly thereafter was elected National President,
where he served until 2011. 


Over the years Rory has been invited to speak at numerous greyhound adoption
events as well as university, veterinarian and racing symposiums across the
country and at both the American Greyhound Track Operators Association and
the Association of Racing Commissioners conferences. He also served on the
Arizona Department of Racing's committee to review and recommend greyhound
racing welfare related rules.