Erik C. Koltz



Erik C. Koltz has been involved in the insurance industry for the past 11 years acting as Relationship Manager with several third party administrator partnerships. Over that time span, he has managed blocks of business at one time consisting of $500 million while ensuring both parties are operating efficiently and providing excellent service. In 2009, Erik received a Master of Public Service from DePaul University where he presented his thesis to local media, professors, Chicago Aldermen and DePaul students on the community’s voice in government relations pertaining to Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Erik became attracted to greyhounds in 2003 when he and a group of friends decided to visit Dairyland Greyhound Park in Kenosha, Wisconsin. After watching the first race, we aspired to own a racer and have the longest name in the program. On our hour ride back to Chicago, we had decided our first racer would be SUPERDUPERPOCKETROCKETLARRY. You can imagine our disappointment when we were informed names could only be 16 characters. Shortly after, Erik became a member of the NGA in 2004 and has become a passionate small time owner of greyhounds since. Erik believes United Greyhound Racing can harness individual passions into a collective effort to revitalize the sport as well as the greyhound breed.