United Greyhound Racing will re-energize greyhound racing through unified leadership to foster growth within all facets of the sport and its fan base.



United Greyhound Racing will understand and address the key challenges facing greyhound racing. We will be the principal source of accurate information about the sport in the legislative, corporate and public sectors. Within the sport we will work with tracks to maximize purses for the combined success of all involved from farm to kennel. We will be the authoritative best practices resource for racing greyhound welfare and transition into adoption. Externally we will bolster the enthusiasm of current fans and attract new participants and enthusiasts to the sport. In all instances, we will work with other stakeholders and leverage technology as appropriate to achieve our goals. 



We are proud to represent the great sport of greyhound racing.

Welfare of our beloved hounds is a guiding priority.

Inclusiveness and collaboration make us stronger.

We are respectful of different opinions and professional in all communications.


Promote Stakeholder Participation in Success

Encourage stakeholders to join UGR and share their knowledge and ideas in support of UGR’s mission, vision and plan execution.

Collaborate with other interest groups to maximize coverage and minimize duplication of effort / conflicting messages.

Communicate the Truth about Greyhound Racing

Update and correct public perception of racing and the treatment of greyhounds.

Participate in the legislative and regulatory processes to the benefit of greyhound racing.

Collectively develop, promote and implement best practices for the care of racing greyhounds from farm to retirement and adoption.

Grow the Sport

Develop innovative ways to retain existing fans and attract new enthusiasts.

Work with track management to expand and promote live racing.

Work with stakeholders to increase their profits.

Educate potential corporate sponsors about greyhound racing, and the benefits of partnering with racing greyhound owners and tracks for major events / fundraisers.

Attract new racing greyhound owners.

Promote and Support Adoption

Strengthen the process for transitioning retired hounds into adoption.

Bolster the resources adoption groups need to be successful.

Educate the public on the responsibilities and rewards of owning a retired racing greyhound.

Provide resources to adopters for activities they can engage in with their hounds.